Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Between You And I - Donald Sheffey - Weezie Productions

Weezie Productions is proud to be celebrating its 5th anniversary and 'Between You and I' is sure not to disappoint the lovers of original R&B - adult contemporary soul music.

Together with business partners Ernest McCullough and Jason Persico we're bringing you another collection of fantastic and memorable grooves, ballads, club jamz, and mid tempo toe tappers that will make you feel good all over.

"It's got a little of everything for everyone!" With many listening parties for industry executives and promoters, the songs that were given great reviews during the events were:
  • Take You Home
  • In Love
  • Gifted
  • Between You And I
  • For Your Love
  • Good Times
  • I'm Bumping To It
  • Time Out For Love

'Gifted' is a special collaboration project with the lyrics written by Di-lee of Soulchoonz and arranged & recorded by Weezie Productions, featuring keys by Tony Camillo and Sax solo by Scott Grimaldi.

'Between You And I' has 12 original songs, and 2 music videos to keep an eye out for:
"I'm Bumping To it' and 'In Love'.

Remember Weezie Productions brings you music that makes you feel good!